Curious about my work philosophy and what sets me apart?

I’m an extremely versatile writer with a dynamic combination of skills that give me an uncanny ability to capture any tone or “voice” in writing.

I’ve written media marketing pieces for a tax law firm in San Francisco, distilling the heavy minutiae of ever-changing tax regulations into approachable reading material. I’ve also crafted cheeky Facebook ads for Braun men’s shavers and family-friendly marketing taglines for Gerber.

I wrote video marketing scripts for the GSMA (Group Speciale Mobile Association), which represents the interests of over 350 mobile companies worldwide, as well as press releases and marketing materials for everything from environmental interest groups to artisanal olives, medical spas to the biggest names in L.A. fashion, high-tech computer gear to world-renowned authors and chefs. It truly is “all in a day’s work.”

I thrive on diversity. I intentionally try to take on projects I haven’t encountered before, which keeps things interesting and ensures I’ll never stop growing as a writer.

Is it a risk jumping into unfamiliar territory? Sure.

But I built my career around three central rules:

  1. Make the most of every opportunity. Your project is my project, my success is your success. Every project is a chance to learn something new and practice providing the very best product and service I can.
  2. Clear communication + professionalism are key. My educational background is in communication science – which sets a solid foundation for clear, consistent communication – and my earliest working years were spent in the hospitality industry, making professionalism a way of life.
  3. Always be grateful. I spend my days writing for a living. This is my ultimate dream career – getting to do what I love while serving a diverse network of clients all over the world. I’m grateful to every single person who has trusted me with their projects and business.

I look forward to earning your trust, too.  

Contact me here to request a portfolio sample.