A master of marvelous wordplay.

Lauren Elizabeth “Lo Writer” Gonzalez spearheads the LE Creative Agency, providing PR firms, global brands, and the world’s most influential personalities with top-shelf copy + content engineered to reach (and exceed) varied, ambitious objectives. Before penning her first amateur children’s books at age 8, Lauren already considered writing + storytelling her greatest passion – nay, calling. Since then, she has traveled the world soaking up diverse cultures and perspectives, gathering ways to infuse words on a page with a variety of fresh angles and viewpoints.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business/Economics from Santa Barbara’s Westmont College and a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution/Interpersonal Communication from the University of Oregon Law School, she approaches writing with a particular eye for audience-specific language that sells, converts, and speaks to readers on a deeper level. As a result, she is a sought after copy/content/ghostwriter responsible for moving the needle on growth goals for tomorrow’s tastemakers in entertainment, music, fashion, food, beauty, health + wellness, the eco space, and more, delivering on-target messaging for more than 60 brands (and counting.

Beginning every single day with gratitude for the opportunity to exercise imagination and storytelling capabilities, Lauren is persistently establishing a thriving career around her earliest passion: the written word.

The four central rules of LE Creative:

  1. Make the most of every opportunity. Your project is my project, my success is your success. Every project is a chance to learn something new and practice providing the very best product and service I can.
  2. Choose the challenge. I thrive on diversity, actively seeking out projects with which I might be unfamiliar or less practiced – or which simply present a unique writing challenge. Can’t experience the BIG wins without the big risks.
  3. Clear communication + professionalism are key. My educational background is in communication science – which sets a solid foundation for clear, consistent communication – and my earliest working years were spent in the hospitality industry, making professionalism a way of life.
  4. Always be grateful. I spend my days writing for a living. This is my ultimate dream career – getting to do what I love while serving a diverse network of clients all over the world. I’m grateful to every single person who has trusted me with their projects and business.

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