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In the Wake of COVID-19, Source Digital Partners With LiveXLive to Create the “Brand Safe” Marketing Strategy Businesses Need to Thrive

The immersive commerce and advanced advertising platform joins with the industry’s first “live social music network” to offer interactive content experiences that go beyond what social media platforms currently can offer  

The onset of COVID-19 has hit nearly every American business sector, resulting in consequences ranging from minor setbacks to enormous profit losses. After months of lockdown, many companies are struggling just to keep the lights on, and that makes marketing spends of any kind seem like a risky prospect. In this climate, any business looking for a healthy ROI needs a next-generation approach to gain a decisive competitive edge, and these brands need look no further than Source Digital. With 7 patents (and 6 more pending), the immersive commerce and advanced advertising platform is partnering with LiveXLive, the first “live social music network,” to create a relevant and wholly organic contextual experience for consumers.

“In the wake of COVID-19, businesses are desperately in need of alternative, ‘brand safe’ marketing strategies,” explains Source Digital co-founder and CEO Hank Frecon. “We couldn’t be more excited about our recent partnership with the LiveXLive team as a means of bringing high-dollar value, video-first strategies back to the forefront of marketing.”

LiveXLive and Source Digital have partnered to bring cutting edge contextual commerce and advertising strategies to market in the online/ virtual performance arena. Working together, the companies will create industry-first experiences typically only previously available through Google, allowing viewers access to a richer, more personalized level of information about each performance at any moment of the content. The digital technology innovation from Source focuses on activating engagement and acquisition on any video across any device for time-driven, micro-measurable interactions and increased monetization, and an all round better viewer experience. Through this unique intersection of fandom and information, brands and commerce entities will gain a truly organic and contextual level of relevance to the end-user.

About Source Digital:

Source Digital is the first AI customer experience platform that integrates within any digital video content across any device or screen for time-driven, emotionally connected activations. It is an immersive acquisition technology for digital content creators, owners, brands and retailers, activating engagement and empowering the viewer to acquire knowledge or goods in real time, all while micro-measuring data, reducing audience drift and building brand loyalty.