Following is a press release created for cruelty-free, innovative online beauty shop Vanity Planet and their newly-released “Blend Baby Sponge.”

Stop Wasting Makeup and Money on Sponges That Don’t Pull Their Weight

 Cruelty-free online beauty company reinvents the makeup sponge as we know it

Vanity Planet is your go-to online beauty store for the consciously-crafted, affordable, fan favorite beauty essentials you crave. From their top-selling face and body brushes to their deliciously indulgent skin care products, is your one-stop-shop for glowing skin, luscious hair, and healthy nails. Now, they proudly introduce their latest innovation that’s creating major beauty buzz, and changing your morning makeup routine forever.

Ordinary makeup sponges soak up liquid products, leaving you with less to go around and wasting serious dollars, while silicone pads do nothing to blend and buff. So, Vanity Planet went back to square one and created the perfect mix of both. The all-new “Blend Baby” is an entirely unique, dual-sided, multi-purpose sponge that can do it all. This baby is a double-duty heavy hitter, combining the familiar blending benefits of a soft sponge with a silicone applicator pad that delivers liquid and cream products directly to skin without wasting a single drop.

The Blend Baby is as versatile as it gets. Use the sponge wet or dry and go from drab to dewy in just minutes. Simply apply liquid makeup to the silicone pad, then use the perfectly rounded sponge edges to blend with streak-free precision. Rescue your makeup from a sad, sponge-soaked fate. Apply, conceal, buff, and blend with this one tiny tool that packs a major punch, and ditch your old-school sponges forever.

Are you letting your favorite makeup get trapped? Set it free and make it last longer with the power-packed Blend Baby. Get your hands on the “Unicorn Edition” pink and purple two-pack of this unique, dual-sided sponge for just $19.99…because, while quality makeup is serious business, Vanity Planet believes it should always be fun and affordable. Grab yours today at, along with a set of Professional Makeup Brushes in new Midnight Black or Pink Dream, to complete your beauty regimen. Plus, get ten percent off your first order right now when you sign up for email updates about the latest products and deals.

 About Vanity Planet:

Not your average beauty company, Vanity Planet makes no apologies for their shameless focus on looking good. They believe that when you look good, you feel good, and that you shouldn’t have to spend your entire paycheck in order to get your hands on top-notch, cruelty-free skin and body care. Their full line of products includes everything you need to feel fine and foxy from head to toe, from top-rated face and body brushes, to essential makeup tools, mouth care, and nail treatments. Visit to explore their full collection, and connect with them on Instagram @VanityPlanetStore.

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