Following is landing page copy created for Wild Sky Media and their inaugural, uniquely designed photo safari vacations. This content served to successfully fill their first trip roster.

When does your story begin? Does it originate from the moment you appear on this great green earth, drawing deeply the crisp, clean air into your lungs? Is it the moment you take your first steps, or fashion air to form sounds in harmonious connection with community? Is it when you first engage with the world around you, causing action and reaction, building relationships and creating meaningful storylines of your own? Perhaps your story doesn’t truly begin until adventure calls to you, asking you to leave behind familiar surroundings and tread on unfamiliar territory.

What if your story starts now, in the Galapagos Islands, perched atop ancient volcanic rock, filled with heavy anticipation of a fleeting glimpse at the passing scalloped hammerheads navigating the crystal waters? What if your great adventure originates in the tangled landscape of Tanzania, holding your breath on the heels of a blue wildebeest herd as it grazes the lush wetlands? Maybe it sounds too fantastical, too extreme. But every epic journey begins with a simple step of faith. If your story feels old and familiar; if you’re eager to push your boundaries, test your limits, and touch worlds of ancient origin; if your story has yet to begin – perhaps all you’re waiting for is the right moment, a distinct opportunity.

This is your invitation. To explore and discover. To behold the organic majesty of our planet, and grab hold of each exhilarating moment. To play amidst the timeless wonders abounding in this world we call home, and to find your place among them as you purposefully shape their destiny. Now is your time to pursue great adventure, give in to your innate curiosity, and experience the pure, audacious power of the wild. This is your moment to join in the larger story and build lasting connection as you share a intimate journey into the world’s untamed places, and engage in molding its future.

Step into your greatest journey. Explore untamed landscapes alongside award-winning photographer/ filmmaker and passionate wildlife advocate, Pam Voth, testing the limits of your courage and connecting to your curiosity. Experience the world anew through the lens of your camera, uncovering your unique creative vision with incredible imagery that testifies to the eternal animal spirit. Awaken your soul as you navigate uncharted territory by day, and refresh your body in the lavish comforts of the world’s foremost luxury travel lodges by night. Leave a lasting legacy as you discover more about on-the-ground conservation efforts and take hold of opportunities to create powerful change in the lives and environments of earth’s most majestic animals.

It all starts with a single step.

Wild Sky Photo Safaris – your story begins here.

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