Following is a press release created for GUNNAR Optiks and their cutting-edge Liquet Lens technology. 

Introducing Modern Vision Protection for the Modern Age

Leading digital eyewear company offers powerful, invisible vision protection

For over a decade, GUNNAR has pioneered the field of digital eye protection, using cutting-edge science and technology to develop eyewear that safeguards your vision against harmful effects of the artificial blue light emitted from digital devices. Now, GUNNAR proudly introduces their latest advancement in powerful protection: the invisible Liquet lens.

Designed for the wearer who wants maximum protection without the noticeable amber lens tint, the unique Liquet lens offers one of the highest BPF (Blue Protection Factor) ratings while maintaining a discrete, colorless appearance. Engineered for superior protection and first-class performance, the advanced Liquet lens technology blocks 35 percent of blue light and 100 percent of UV light, reducing muscular eye strain and minimizing long-term damage while providing a balanced color spectrum with an anti-glare, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating. The comfortable wrap-around frame also reduces dryness and irritation, empowering you to perform at your best during work, play and everything in-between.

Start your year right by preserving your vision and enhancing your digital performance with the all-new Liquet lens, debuting February 15. Place your order today and enjoy free shipping on purchases over $50, plus 10 percent off your purchase with email subscription. Visit to check out the variety of modern styles and functional designs, and discover why hundreds of “Visionary” members trust GUNNAR with the health and future of their eyes.


GUNNAR engineers glasses that eliminate digital eye strain and block blue light, enhancing your life with protection that gives you better eyes, better sleep, better health, and ultimately, a better you. GUNNAR is the only patented digital eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision, made with advanced optical technology that addresses all issues associated with digital eye strain, including dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, glare, harmful artificial blue light, and visual stress and eye fatigue. The result: improved clarity, focus, and performance. Visit to discover more about this cutting-edge technology, functional digital eyewear, and the “Visionaries” who rely on us to protect their eyes every single day.

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