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My Green Network Cannabis Cloud Kitchen / PRESS ARTICLE

Attorney-founded MyGN is a first-of-its-kind membership-based planning and development space for cannabis entrepreneurs. Leveraging the power of community-based collaboration to revolutionize an infamously complex industry, this “cloud-kitchen meets cannabis incubator” accelerates the journey from idea to entrepreneurship. MY TASK: Develop branding + SEO article content placing MyGN among the leaders empowering inclusivity in the cannabis industry.

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“Lauren is amazing to work with – creative, versatile, and adaptive to client needs.”

– Leigh-Anne A.

Christian Lacroix / PRESS ARTICLE

Andréa Bernholtz, founder of Rock & Republic and SWIMINISTA, introduced a spring collaboration with The House of Christian Lacroix, the iconic brand known for shaping global fashion. MY TASK: Craft a press announcement developing descriptive copy for the luxury collection, along with media branding copy.

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“Lauren is a mind reader – her process should be mapped and marketed. In fact, I’ve coined a new term for her work: MINT.

– Kyle H.

G&B Digital Management / PRESS ARTICLE

G&B Digital Management is a minority-owned, top-tier firm specializing in guiding digital content creators in the fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, and hospitality sectors. The company seeks to create a better influence by reinventing the talent management experience with integrity, transparency, and a human touch. MY TASK: Develop content to further establish Founder Kyle Hjelmeseth as an industry and thought leader in the space.

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“Lauren has a unique gift in her ability to transform complex material into manageable, relatable bites; this is no small feat, and she does it masterfully.”

– Kristi G.


Lifelong friends Sasha Spivey and Stacey George founded the luxury lifestyle brand Franki Ray as an outlet to unleash their wildest fashion fantasies. Launched straight out of the Heart of Texas in March of 2020, the unisex, couture-inspired collection has since become a favorite of rebel-hearted shoppers everywhere. MY TASK: Develop branding copy, tagline, and media bio capturing the brand’s uniquely untamed spirit.

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“Lauren is wonderful to work with! Excellent original contentGreat degree of professionalism.”

– Megan L.


CYMBIOTIK brings the world together, eliminating the known boundaries of online/mobile gaming and awakening a global audience of nearly 3 billion gamers to an entirely new experience. Emerging from the visionary minds of 30-year creative partners Stephen A. Barnaik, Jr. (Founder/Chairman) and Todd Hicks (CEO), along with AdventFX CEO Lee Baker, CYMBIOTIK leverages a strong network of key players across various industries to deliver the most immersive gaming experience yet. MY TASK: Develop branding copy + game synopsis.

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Lauren Gonzalez is a copywriter, ghostwriter, and general wordplay artist who has partnered on projects for global names like Braun + Gerber, plus media initiatives for senior White House officials. With a background in communication psychology + business marketing, she is skilled at distilling the complex pieces of your brand or story idea into engaging, compelling content. From web/press/branding copy to ghostwritten articles and full-length books, her complete portfolio includes original content for over 80 creators and entrepreneurs spanning nearly every industry, including emerging technology, health, entertainment/film, gaming, beauty, art, and cannabis.