Following is a press release created for GUNNAR Optiks and their cutting-edge Liquet Lens technology.  Introducing Modern Vision Protection for the Modern Age Leading digital eyewear company offers powerful, invisible vision protection For over a decade, GUNNAR has pioneered the field of digital eye protection, using cutting-edge science and technology to develop eyewear that safeguards … Continue reading GUNNAR Optiks

Spa Le La

Following is an interview article created for Spa Le La in Los Angeles. Interviews are my specialty - I love asking creative questions and getting to the core of someone's business. Trina Belton, owner of Los Angeles’ hip new Spa Lé La, knows what moms need, and it isn’t more coffee, or another parenting class. … Continue reading Spa Le La

Wild Sky Media

Following is landing page copy created for Wild Sky Media and their inaugural, uniquely designed photo safari vacations. This content served to successfully fill their first trip roster. When does your story begin? Does it originate from the moment you appear on this great green earth, drawing deeply the crisp, clean air into your lungs? … Continue reading Wild Sky Media

Vanity Planet

Following is a press release created for cruelty-free, innovative online beauty shop Vanity Planet and their newly-released "Blend Baby Sponge." Stop Wasting Makeup and Money on Sponges That Don’t Pull Their Weight  Cruelty-free online beauty company reinvents the makeup sponge as we know it Vanity Planet is your go-to online beauty store for the consciously-crafted, affordable, fan … Continue reading Vanity Planet