My Green Network / Cannabis Cloud Kitchen

Amid National Conversations About Racial Injustice, My Green Network Clears the Way for Equal Access to Entrepreneurship in a Largely Homogeneous Cannabis Industry

Minority-owned My Green Network provides the nation’s first cannabis shared workspace engineered to make “green” entrepreneurship more affordable and accessible for all  

As the Black Lives Matter movement calls for a meaningful shift in the national approach toward racial injustice, minority-owned My Green Network (MyGN) stands out as a beacon of change in the cannabis industry. Founded by internationally recognized attorneys Ken Hwang and James Shih, along with visionary brand strategist Maria Cordeiro, MyGn is the nation’s first cannabis shared workspace specifically engineered to support marijuana entrepreneurs. In an industry dominated largely by white business owners and available only to the well-connected or wealthy, MyGN is poised to help close the gap on social inequality while fueling widespread market innovation. 

“Leaders empowering community’ is far more than a tagline to us,” says company Co-Founder James Shih. “We’ve worked hard to level the playing field for any would-be entrepreneur, removing the sky-high barriers to entry that often serve to maintain an unjust and unfair industry status quo.” 

MyGN aims to open the doors of entrepreneurship for those lacking direct access to capital. For those without the financial resources to manage the high-dollar start-up costs and licensing fees, MyGN offers an opportunity to “go green the way you want.” Through a tiered monthly membership approach designed to make the start-up process more affordable, the company provides access to a coworking station, storage space, Compliance Certification, and more. Higher-level members can also gain access to white-labeled cannabis extract for immediate product distribution, along with an exclusive year-long feature in the MyGN catalog. 

Developed by expert attorneys with decades of experience in the business, MyGN also simplifies one of the more difficult and expensive aspects of cannabis entrepreneurship: keeping up with compliance measures. In an industry growing faster than lawmakers can manage, federal and state regulations are constantly shifting. MyGN cuts through the ever-growing piles of red tape to ensure members are up-to-date on the latest legal guidelines, saving them the time, money, and headache. What’s more, the company eliminates nearly all of the risk and uncertainty associated with a traditional cannabis operation by offering a generous license or money-back guarantee. 

Establish a solid foothold in the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry with MyGN, set to open its flagship Santa Ana, Orange County location in Q3 2020 (and coming soon to the Los Angeles area). Due to state regulations, spaces are currently limited to 30 businesses, so now is the time to join MyGN and get in on the “green rush” the right way. Simply choose from four customizable memberships, complete an onboarding call, and start creating your unique cannabis line.

About My Green Network:

Founded by internationally recognized attorneys Ken Hwang and James Shih, and visionary Maria Cordeiro, My Green Network (MyGN) is California’s premier membership-based space intuitively designed for cannabis entrepreneurs. Leveraging the power of community-based collaboration to revolutionize an infamously complex industry, this “cloud-kitchen meets cannabis incubator” accelerates the journey from idea to entrepreneurship. At MyGN, membership provides exclusive access to essential elements of a successful venture: a compliant cannabis facility, an extensive network of cultivators and manufacturing partners, guidance and supervision from industry experts, licenses, legal advice, and much more.