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Cruelty-Free Before it Was Cool, LUXIE Stands Firm in its Commitment to Providing Professional-Grade Beauty Tools That “Do No Harm to Animals or the Planet”  

From the beginning, LUXIE has taken a “do no harm to the Earth and its creatures” approach to crafting a complete collection of fan-favorite functional makeup brushes and beauty tools. One of the first to engineer an entirely vegan, high-performing makeup brush, the company has awed and inspired makeup lovers around the world since 2014 with premium tools engineered to deliver professional results. Now, LUXIE CEO Conor Riley offers a closer look at the cruelty-free methods behind the company’s cult-classic collection of premium, hypoallergenic synthetic brushes. 

LUXIE was proudly vegan and cruelty-free before it was cool,” explains Riley. “We are working every day to further reduce and refine our footprint. For example, we partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help protect our oceans and have begun experimenting with synthetic fibers made from renewable resources like bamboo, coffee, and cornstarch.” 

Every LUXIE brush is handmade, starting with the ergonomic handles sourced from tree farms in Southeast Asia. Using materials that are documented from farm to factory, the company verifies that all elements are grown according to sustainable best practices. Next comes the ferrules – or metal ring that fits the handle to the bristles – which are crafted from a variety of metals chosen according to its specific purpose. Like the handle itself, each ferrule is forged and pressed by hand before undergoing a finishing process that relies on the latest modern equipment to ensure the metal will stand up to daily wear and tear.

The bristles are the final touch – and this is where LUXIE really stands out among its competitors. Absolutely no animal fibers are used, nor are any fibers that have been tested on animals. The company stands firm in its opposition to the use of sable, squirrel, or goat hair, which are common features in today’s high-performing brushes. Instead, LUXIE constructs its bristles from a special man-made polymer engineered in Europe and free of PBBs, PBDEs, and other harmful chemicals. This allows each brush to pass the rigorous international criteria applied to products sold within the European Union. 

When it comes to performance, LUXIE’s synthetic, hypoallergenic formula is made to deliver professional-grade results, even on the most sensitive skin types. Synthetic bristles are often more effective than animal hair at resisting absorption of oils or powdery pigments, making them the ideal choice when applying cream or liquid foundations and other viscous topicals. Synthetic  brushes also tend to be flatter and stiffer than natural hair brushes, making it possible to cut them at sharp angles for the more precise application of eyeliner or lipstick. While many synthetic varieties tend to cause clumping, LUXIE brushes are designed to move smoothly and evenly over skin for flawless blending. Plus, shedding is minimal, making them a breeze to clean and store. 

Discover LUXIE’s complete collection of vegan, allergen-free beauty tools online at and at top US retailers like Anthropologie, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Revolve. Learn more about the company’s steadfast commitment to environmental preservation and community outreach, including donations to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Campaign Zero, ACLU, Reclaim the Block, and Grassroots Law Project. Plus, browse its latest releases: a 6-piece Bronze and Glow set ($75) – ideal for creating this season’s “no makeup” makeup look – and a 6-piece Radiant set ($75) perfect for a day-to-night transition and that must-have dewy glow. Follow LUXIE on Instagram @LuxieBeauty for the latest beauty tutorials and product releases, plus top lifestyle and beauty inspo.                                                                                            

About LUXIE:

Since 2014, LUXIE has grown from an indie brand to a global phenomenon beloved by top US influencers and beauty lovers alike. Sourcing the best components from around the world, the female-founded company developed one of the first high-performing, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan makeup brushes. Today, their complete collection features a wide array of multi-use beauty tools that combine sleek design with problem-solving functionality, including signature brushes made with premium soft, synthetic bristles. Headquartered in San Jose, California, LUXIE is available in retail stores across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Led by CEO Conor Riley and Chairman of the Board Claudia Poccia – known for her work with Shiseido, Bare Escentuals, Stila, and Laura Mercier – the LUXIE team is constantly innovating in a non-stop effort to deliver flawless perfection. They strive to partner with exceptional retailers, influencers, and industry leaders who share their core environmental and community values, along with an authentic passion for next-generation beauty products. Learn more at and follow on Instagram @LuxieBeauty.