The Making of a Beauty Mogul: An Introduction

The following is an introduction to Taylor Bellis’ beauty empire success story (name changed for privacy)

As women, we know that success is never guaranteed. The stakes are impossibly high, the weight of responsibilities heavy, and the odds often stacked against us. We have much to prove, but we know we can do it. All we need? A chance. Give us an opportunity to make an impact, and we will.

But opportunity doesn’t come without sacrifice. For Taylor Bellis, a shot at success required the tireless efforts of a mother whose grit and determination laid the groundwork for something better. Lost sleep, thankless jobs, countless hours spent seeking grants to get Taylor into the right educational programs. 

Then, there were the local organizations that made sure a five-year-old little girl from Lincoln Heights received at least one Christmas gift. Who sponsored a young teen’s way into summer entrepreneurship and business camps. These are all vital pieces of an invisible framework supporting one woman’s rise. 

What can you give in return for those who gave to you? Taylor chooses to pay it forward, continuing to give and to become that invisible support for others in need. Now a mother herself, Taylor strives to model the same resourcefulness and selfless sacrifice for her own daughter. To prove the ways in which sacrifice leads to opportunity and success, then more sacrifice for more opportunity, for more success.

On and on the circle goes in a beautiful, upward-rising circle of support. This is one women’s legacy. This is the impact women and mothers can make.