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Baby purees don’t have to bland. Your baby is ready to explore exciting new flavors and vibrant colors that nourish his thirst for discovery!

Our new Little Chef Blends offers an exciting range of culinary-inspired blends to delight and develop your baby’s senses.

We have mixed the yummiest and healthiest fruits and veggies to give your baby the nutrients he needs, along with excitement of new flavors and colors. When you pop open a jar of Little Chef Blends, you’re getting nothing but organic, wholesome ingredients blended in a tasty, homestyle puree that your baby will love!

New Little Chef Blends by Gerber: Exciting culinary-inspired blends to delight and develop baby’s senses.

Delicious blends include:

•Apple, Parsnip and Beet with Cardamom

•Butternut Squash, Apple and Mango with Coriander

•Apple, Zucchini, Guava and Kale

•Pear and Parsnip with Vanilla


Your little one is a whirlwind, constantly on the move and ready to discover the world! When it comes to food, she’s ready to explore different textures, colors and flavors that help her develop and grow. 

Mix & Taste by Gerber is a all-new range of exciting combinations of foods, textures, flavours and colors that make every meal a discovery and help your little one transition to table food. 

Each pack contains two self-serve boxes: one of yummy homestyle puree and another one of nutrient-packed cereals, fruits, meats and veggies. You’ll find no GMOs, artificial colorings, flavors, or preservatives – and your kiddo will never see mealtime the same way again!

New Mix & Taste by Gerber: the best way to help your little one’s transition to table food.

Mix & Taste variety include:

•Lentil Mash with Carrots

•Paella with Corn & Green Beans

•Mild Curry Rice with Garden Veggies

•Spaghetti Mash with Butternut Squash

•Quinoa & Black Beans with Red Pepper Chunks


Every day is a busy day for your toddler filled with activity, learning, exploration, and play! You want her to have the right breakfast to get the most out of her many adventures, but sometimes you are also in a rush.

New Sunny Morning Bowls by Gerber delight little tummies with the energy needed to make the most of everyday adventure.

A flavorful breakfast powered by all the goodness of whole grains, like oats and quinoa, with the taste of real fruit, and no added sugar. The best part? This breakfast is ready to be enjoyed as it is or gently warmed!

New Sunny Morning Bowls by Gerber: the energy your toddler needs to make the most of everyday adventure. Ready to eat!

Sunny morning bowls variety include:

•Forest Fruits Mix: Summer Berries with Oats, Flax and Quinoa

•Sunny Morning Mix: Strawberries and Banana with Oats, Barley and Millet

•Tropical Fusion Mix: Mango, Pineapple, Banana with Oats, Farro and Quinoa

•Autumn Orchard Mix: Pumpkin, Pear, Currents with Oats, Barley and Rye


When it comes to your child’s nutrition, you don’t leave anything to chance. You know his growing body needs real, nutritious foods from all four food groups (especially veggies), and you’re serious about making sure he gets them… but, let’s be honest: it’s a real challenge making every meal a balanced meal.

New Mini veggie meals by Gerber make it easy to give your little one a balanced mix of nutrients at every meal.

A hearty medley of protein-rich vegetables and grains with yummy sauces and no nonsense like GMOs, artificial colors or preservatives. Ready to enjoy as-is or gently warmed. 

New Mini Veggie Meals by Gerber: easy and balanced nutrition at every meal. 

Available in the following Varieties:

•Quinoa, Barley, black quinoa, sweet corn and lentils in a onion and olive oil sauce

•Spinach and squash pasta, diced tomatoes, white beans and zucchini in a tomato basil sauce

•Farro, quinoa, beans, red pepper and carrots in a coconut sauce

•Red quinoa, pasta, kale, black beans, green and red pepper in a sesame sauce


You’ve tried everything to make your toddler love veggies, but dressing up carrots, kale, or broccoli to tempt his taste buds can be tricky.

Take your child on a tasty adventure to discover the delicious side of vegetables with Veggies of the World by Gerber. 

Our new collection of flavorful, chef-inspired recipes combines hearty whole grains and veggies with tempting sauces from all over the world. And you can rest assured that we take our greens very seriously – you’ll find no GMOs, artificial flavors or yucky preservatives here. Just protein-rich vegetables and grains to give your toddler everything he needs to fall in love with veggies.

New Veggies of the world by Gerber: Explore the world of veggies and love veggies!

Delicious VEGGIES OF THE WORLD Varieties:

•Taste of the Italy: Spinach and squash pasta, diced tomatoes, white beans and zucchini in a tomato basil sauce

•Thai twist: Farro, quinoa, beans, red pepper and carrots in a green thai sauce

•Flair of Asia: Red quinoa, pasta, kale, black beans, green and red pepper in a sesame sauce