Interview with Spa Le La Founder Trina Belton

Spa Le La

Trina Belton, owner of Los Angeles’ hip new Spa Lé La, knows what moms need – and it isn’t more coffee, or another parenting class. Her message is astoundingly simple, yet deeply profound: in order to take care of your kids, you need to take good care of yourself.

It isn’t a new idea. Last summer’s film Bad Moms, a satirical take on the lives of overworked, over-stressed moms desperately in need of a break, grossed $72 million at the box office and for good reason: American moms can relate! 

While no longer subject to the crushing expectations associated with the archetypal “1950’s housewife,” the pressure to perform – to stay productive, maintain a thriving social life, bake organic snacks and present well-behaved, high-achieving kids – still dominates our culture. Today’s moms feel overwhelming pressure to be and do it all for their kids, despite the fact that it leaves little (if any) time for themselves, their closest relationships and the activities they most enjoy. 

A mother herself, Belton knows this pressure all too well. She recalls well the early days of motherhood, driving her newborn around the busy L.A. suburbs in an effort to lull her to sleep. She remembers, too, the deep yearning for just 30 minutes of rest for herself.

“I remember wishing so badly that I could just hand my daughter to someone for half an hour so that I could lie down, but I felt guilty if I tried to sleep, take a bath, or even take a quick shower. It is ridiculous that we [moms] can’t take care of ourselves, and I wanted to fix that.” 

Determined to be the change she wanted to see, Belton began polling her mom friends and acquaintances, exploring the idea of piecing together a restful, rejuvenating experience designed with them in mind. An esthetician and owner of L.A’s in-demand Facial Bungalow, Belton had seen firsthand the powerful healing brought about by a relaxing facial and massage. Still, every mom she knew had one major excuse: they couldn’t justify leaving their children and hiring a babysitter in order to indulge themselves.

That’s why Spa Lé La isn’t just about frivolous indulging – it’s about regrouping, regaining your sanity and reconnecting with community. Building on the concept of her wildly popular Facial Bungalow, Belton crafted an ideal setup for busy, overtired moms. Services range from $20 to $200, assuring top-notch relaxation to suit every budget.

Plus, with built-in childcare and hands-on learning programs provided by the most qualified nannies, you can safely leave your mom guilt at the door. “Those times in the day when you’re at your wit’s end and about to explode, that’s when you get in the car and head to Spa Lé La,” says Belton. 

For those moms itching for human interaction and connection, Spa Lé La is the perfect community space. “If you have time to drive to the coffee shop, or to the park for a mommy play date (where you barely have a moment to talk to each other in between wiping noses and refereeing fights), why not have a mommy play date at the spa? For just $20 you can have some tea and talk to each other while we take great care of your kids!”

The best part? There’s absolutely no rush. Each service or treatment includes a half hour of extra childcare so that mommy can lounge, enjoy a complimentary beverage and get the most out of her visit. “Stay for as little as 25 minutes, or as long as 2 hours,” invites Belton. Because the goal behind Spa Lé La isn’t to provide a brief service and send you on your way. It’s about revolutionizing the way we do motherhood. 

Belton strongly believes that becoming a mom is “the most important time in your life,” and she is adamant about moms caring for themselves in order to best fill (and enjoy!) their crucial roles. Whether your idea of relaxation is a facial or massage, hair removal, nail services, a simple relaxing bath, or a visit to the infrared sauna or quiet room, Spa Lé La offers a soothing space to revitalize.

“Being a mom is exciting, but it’s also overwhelming, frustrating and your hormones are all over the place,” says Belton. So, she invites mothers with kids of all ages to “take advantage of this space we’ve created that’s free of judgment, guilt, or stress, where you will always be greeted with a smile.” 

In a fast-paced age of non-stop movement and countless demands on moms’ time, this simple concept of rest is nothing short of revolutionary.

Let’s build something together.