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Is CBD the New Collagen? California-Based Company Introduces High-Potency Gummies, Plus Liquid and Powder Supplement for Health and Wellness Market

California-based Infused By EpicTM launches high-potency gummies made with fast-absorbing CBD formulation for maximum effects in less than 10 minutes 

Infused By EpicTM announces the launch of EPIC Vegan Gummies, a line of gourmet fruit treats featuring the company’s nanotechnology formulation for up to 5x efficacy of nearly 100% potent CBD in 10 minutes or less. Infused By EpicTM is a leader in the Nano Materials space specializing in targeted delivery of CBD and other phytocannabinoids and making it easy for manufacturers and product lines to formulate Nano CBD ingredients into their existing product lines. When mixed into any food or beverage, Infused by Epic™ is the perfect raw ingredient, resulting in quicker absorption of high-grade CBD into the bloodstream and faster onset of desired effects for mitigation of pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness. 

The average bioavailability of conventional oil-based CBD is around 5-35%, due to complex digestion factors including fatty acids in the diet, liver enzyme performance, and particle size. Many CBD formulations simply dissolve cannabis extracts into a vegetable oil base such as Coconut oil (MCT) or olive oil, rendering only a fraction of the active ingredient effective. CBD oil is broken down and made water soluble by the GI tract in order to be absorbed – a process which is inherently slow and leads to a large amount of the active molecule Cannabidiol being excreted by the body. 

Infused by Epic products are already water soluble and coated with the same lipids used in conventional formulations, however they are arranged differently, which makes all the difference in biochemistry. Engineered to work in harmony with the human body, which is made up of cells that are 90% water, Infused by Epic™ does the unthinkable and creates a market-disrupting 5x more bio-available liquid and powder form of water-soluble product that results in faster delivery of a more complete, high-potency CBD. “Water-soluble CBD is so easy to include in your daily diet,” says celebrity “Fiit Foodie” Chef Mareya Ibrahim, “It is nature’s ideal supplement to reduce inflammation and keep you feeling like your best self.” 

Developed by seasoned medical entrepeneur CEO Diana Starr Langley and nanotechnology expert COO Kalon Baird, Infused By EpicTM originated as part of a holistic healing approach to Baird’s mother’s battle with breast cancer – a story with a happy ending. Now, consumers can benefit from the same powerful nanotechnology. Just like collagen powder, Infused By EpicTM  can be mixed into any food or water-based beverage to provide significantly faster benefits of nearly 100% potency CBD. 

Infused By EpicTM is an ideal addition to a lifestyle of health and wellness, providing a highly potent, bio-available form of CBD for the faster onset and more complete absorption of oral, sublingual, transdermal, ocular, and other CBD delivery systems. Learn more about the all-new line of delectable EPIC Vegan Gummies and Infused By EpicTM liquid and powders at, available now to product manufacturers as an additive to their current products. Also discover a wide variety of Infused By EpicTM  products available for white label purchase.  Infused By EpicTM  products guarantee maximum potency and the highest-quality consumer wellness benefits.

About Infused By Epic™: 

Infused By EpicTM  technology transforms traditional isolate and distilled CBD extracts into a nano-encapsulated water-soluble liquid or powder for easy addition to any water-based delivery system (including creams, gels, food and beverages). Founded by medical technological innovator CEO Diana Starr Langley and nanotechnology expert COO Kalon Baird, Infused By EpicTM guarantees EFFICIENCY of potent CBD delivery to the bloodstream across all routes (up to 5x efficacy in 10 minutes or less with oral, transdermal, sublingual, ocular, etc.); the PREDICTABILITY of a reliable, repeatable experience; and CONTROLLED dosing in a finished product with homogeneous therapeutic benefits.