CYMBIOTIK / Intelligent Gaming

About CYMBIOTIK Gaming:

CYMBIOTIK brings the world together, eliminating the known boundaries of online/mobile gaming and awakening a global audience of nearly 3 billion gamers to an entirely new experience. Share in the vital mission to forge pathways for mutual learning, compassion, recognition, and respect through a bold game collection engineered to push beyond the limits of competition toward collaboration and connection. Emerging from the visionary minds of 30-year creative partners Stephen A. Barnaik, Jr. (Founder/Chairman) and Todd Hicks (CEO), along with AdventFX CEO Lee Baker, CYMBIOTIK leverages a strong network of key players across various industries to deliver the most immersive gaming experience yet. Users can expect the high-powered audio and stunning visual effects they love from the creators behind internationally-known brands like Marvel, D.C., Disney, Sony, and Atari – all available across multiple devices. Join the next step in gaming evolution built on the unifying principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Lead the charge for hope, understanding, knowledge, unity, and empathy. CYMBIOTIK: Beyond the limits of competition.

SYNOPSIS – Mortal Superheroes: Defenders of the Starry Nexus

Answer Endurea’s call for aid and join the quest to save the Starry Nexus in the latest multi-player revolution from the mind of Stephen A. Barnaik, Jr. and the CyMbioTiK team. The Broken Planet sits in peril, its vitality-sustaining supply of Amourz darkened by a mounting Scorn that threatens all life among the Starry Nexus’ eight planets. Now, their only hope of rescue lies in your ability to creatively collaborate with fellow rescuers. You must show courageous kindness in the battle against hatred, successfully establishing a Cymbiotik Fuze with your avatar so you can work in cooperation to earn rewards and secure a lasting future. Test the strength of your character on a galactic journey filled with special non-player characters, easter eggs, and hidden portals guiding your way toward glory. As you help one another achieve each goal, you grow one step closer to salvation and the possible exploration of other planets in the Starry Nexus… like the hip-hop-inspired street culture of Envess. Are you ready to become a Mortal Superhero? Gamers of the world Unite!