Deeply Connected Branding Copy for Boldly Passionate Creatives

Still or sparkling. Why not both?

Copy that clearly captures your vision without watering it down.

You did The Thing.

Creating something new takes precious time and energy. But you stayed “in it,” making progress bit by agonizing bit until you finally (flippin’ FINALLY) made The Thing! Your friends loved it. Your family seemed supportive. Success seemed like a no-brainer. Then, you put it out into the world: TA-DAAAAAAA. And… crickets.

Or maybe you haven’t put it out there yet. Because you’re still stuck staring down the barrel of a blank screen asking you to “add a description” or “write the website copy.” And you’re banging your forehead against a wall just a little bit wondering how you even capture with words This Amazing Thing you made or That Incredible Service you provide.

Why is writing about it so hard?

Do me a favor. Try standing with your nose against a Pollock painting and describing it to me. It’s impossible – for the same reason writing your copy feels impossible: because when you’re too close to something, you can’t see the big picture. Or identify the specific aspects that make it special. The tiny nuances that make it unique.

You need me: an outsider.

A translator of sorts, extremely skilled with wordplay and practically telepathic in my ability to take what’s in your head and put it on “paper.” Because any experienced copywriter could write good copy but I can help nail down a message infused with the distinct flavor that makes your thing “your thing.”

There’s nothing quite like seeing your authentic vision accurately reflected in your branding. And I can help with that. It’s sorta “my thing.”

“Lauren is a mind reader – her process should be mapped and marketed. In fact, I’ve coined a new term for her work: MINT.

“Lauren is amazing to work with – creative, versatile, and adaptive to the needs of her clients.”

“Lauren is wonderful to work with! Excellent original content. A great degree of professionalism.”

“Lauren has a unique gift in her ability to transform complex material into manageable, relatable bites; this is no small feat, and she does it masterfully.”

Lauren “Lo.Writer” Gonzalez is a B2B/B2C copywriter who has delivered high-velocity content for global names like Braun + Gerber and specializes in branding for entrepreneurs + cultivators + industry disruptors. With a background in communication psychology + business marketing, she is skilled at distilling complex information into engaging, accessible content for targeted audiences. Her complete portfolio includes original copy for over 70 creators + businesses, including emerging technology brands in health, entertainment, gaming, and cannabis.

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