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  • opinions are for the brave.

    opinions are for the brave.

    I receive fairly regular texts (I’d say one every other week or so) from a fellow mom and church-going Christian who believes I congregate with the wrong sort. Quite passionately, though not without love, she has attempted to win me over to her side of the grass – her way of seeing things. This isn’t…

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  • Friends: what’s the point?

    Friends: what’s the point?

    Who cares if science says we need friends? This is actually what motivates us when it gets hard. Last Friday, some mom friends and I gathered for a park play date. Despite the blue skies and sunshine, which managed to warm the teen-temps up to near 40, the covering of the play structure kept solid…

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  • Before Confrontation, Consider This

    Before Confrontation, Consider This

    My friend, Mitchel, has a problem. Every Tuesday afternoon, during a regularly scheduled meeting with his team, a particular coworker of his insists on loudly socializing in the break room next door, drawing focus from his work. After addressing the issue several times with the coworker in question, absolutely zero progress has been made. At…

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  • Rock Climbers Hate Me

    Rock Climbers Hate Me

    I’m a total gym climber. To some folks I know, this is the worst type of poser – someone who goes through the motions, yet never tests their mettle on real rock. The poser label isn’t wrong IF my purpose were the same as theirs: to practice for the “real thing.” But it’s not. My…

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  • When Life Feels Scary, Here’s What’s True

    When Life Feels Scary, Here’s What’s True

    Some days, I just want someone to tell me I’m doing a great job and everything’s gonna be okay. Then make me lunch with a fruit roll-up and a little post-it love note tucked inside. Basically, I want to be a kid again, with all the hard stuff left up to the grownups. When did…

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