Article for Autumn Brands, Published in Sensi Magazine

Yoga + Cannabis: A Meditative Match Made in Heaven?

Does cannabis help to improve the practice and experience of yoga? According to ancient wisdom, the answer just might be: absolutely! A rich historical record dating back thousands of years suggests yogis have enhanced their practice with cannabis for generations. In the Hindu tradition – out of which many of the meditative arts were born – Shiva is known as a patron god of both yoga and marijuana, gifting cannabis to mankind as a spiritual conduit, so to speak. As a result, what some view as a “gateway drug,” others deem a “gateway to the gods” and a means of spiritual cleansing or renewal that is perfectly complementary to the physically rejuvenating practice of yoga. 

Like yoga, Cannabis can help to prepare and calm the mind for spiritual connection. 

The THC component of marijuana is believed to cleanse the conscious mind of earthly anxieties. This clearing out of old beliefs and warring desires – a “mental reset,” of sorts – quiets the busy mind’s steadfast focus on the physical world, empowering the user to establish a stronger communion with the unseen, spiritual realm. Yoga itself serves a similar purpose, bringing awareness to breath and attention to deliberate movement in an effort to still the unfocused mental chatter keeping us from embracing a higher self. When experienced together, Cannabis and yoga can serve as complementary tools, preparing the mind to be more receptive to outside elements seeking our attention. 

Cannabis can bring physical relief to the body, making yoga more accessible. 

Much of the latest science confirms Cannabis effective in reducing internal inflammation. The substance is also believed to provide temporary relief from bodily aches and pains, making the physical practice of yoga more accessible to some. Furthermore, without these restrictive ties to the physical self, one is finally free to achieve one of the central goals of yoga: a stronger mind-body connection. As the body becomes more capable of unhindered movement, the mind can bring full awareness to the execution of each pose, both working in harmony to stretch, strengthen, and renew. 

Is Cannabis a god-given gift to help mankind reach a higher state of peace and tranquility?

Although many cultivators and connoisseurs alike believe that premium, pesticide-free marijuana certainly plays a role in helping to achieve optimum wellness and better mind-body balance, we may never know for certain. Scientists continue to provide further insight into the various physical benefits of the plant. As to whether or not marijuana is the perfect complement to the mental and spiritual practice of yoga… the true answer may be as personal and varied as each individual yogi.