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Rock Climbers Hate Me

I’m a total gym climber. To some folks I know, this is the worst type of poser – someone who goes through the motions, yet never tests their mettle on real rock.

The poser label isn’t wrong IF my purpose were the same as theirs: to practice for the “real thing.” But it’s not. My purpose is to burn muscle, beat my fear of heights, and get some mo-f’n me time.

Because I don’t intend to regularly climb rock outdoors, I don’t push myself as hard or approach my routine the same way others might.


The same can be said for any conversation we have with another human- our approach, tone, tactics, and choice of words will differ based on our purpose. Are we trying to inform? Convince? Discipline? Comfort? Connect?

It’s easy to scramble communication (+ get blindsided by a response you didn’t expect) when your purpose is murky. Forethought goes a long way toward reaching your intended goals.

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