BIO / michael ball, sustainable fashion innovator

Michael Ball is the Co-Founder (alongside wife Asha Kai) and lead tech engineer/designer behind the Ultracor brand, revolutionizing the performance apparel industry since 2016 with eco-luxury activewear that pushes the limits of performance, sustainability, and form-fitting design. Pioneering the age of vertical fashion with a zero-inventory, zero-waste model, every couture-inspired Ultracor piece is custom crafted on-demand in a waterless, chemical-free digital printing process that reduces the brand’s carbon footprint by 95%. With a multi-faceted background that spans the fields of architecture, technological engineering, fashion design, and competitive cycling, Rock & Republic creative genius Michael Ball reinvents the world of performance shapewear while setting a new standard for sustainable manufacturing.

Over 20 years in cycling as an athlete and founder/owner of team Rock Racing made Ball an undisputed expert in the elements of top-tier performance athletic apparel. Having earned his stripes as founder of the Rock & Republic brand, he also developed a practiced eye for flawless, figure-flattering design. The final piece of the Ultracor puzzle – sustainability – fell into place as a result of his previous work in the tech sector, launching the large-format digital printing capabilities that helped Xerox set a new and lasting industry standard that still endures today. Combining all of these foundational components, Ball developed Ultracor’s matchless synergistic approach which is destined to forever transform luxe athletic apparel as we know it.

From start to finish – design concept to printed product – Ball continuously tweaks every step with precision to ensure that each made-to-order piece is built with high-velocity fashion, versatile function, and environmental responsibility in mind. Reliance on the brand’s own patented fabric, ultrafine hand-stitched detailing, and durable laser bonding result in peerless performance and lasting quality. Compression 360™ technology rivals that of top-tier cycling athletes, simultaneously oxidating/releasing muscles for improved agility, execution, and recovery throughout the most rigorous workouts. Performance-enhancing science blends with patented, “best-fit” engineering for the ultimate sculpting, supportive silhouette in deeply saturated, lustrous monochromes and timeless, couture-inspired prints. 

Designing the Fall 2020 release of the all-new HYPERSONIC™ collection, Ball ensures that Ultracor continues its ever-expanding impact on the activewear world. When he isn’t running an international company, he can be found running around after his three daughters (ages 2, 6, and 10) and pushing the limits alongside his cycling team. More than a brand, the Ultracor movement combines quality, performance, and fashion made custom – just for you. Ultracor – Beauty through performance.™

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