CLIENT BIO / Cait Scudder

Created for world-class business coach, Cait Scudder.

Cait Scudder is a business coach and success catalyst for driven, bold-hearted women who want it all – global impact, bursting income, and the legacy that comes from building a movement bigger than themselves. As CEO of a multi-six figure online business coaching empire, Scudder serves as the fearless front-woman of the boss babe revolution. A true trailblazer, she leads other inspired femme-preneurs in the fight to courageously make their dreams a reality, all while truly enjoying life and traveling the world with her husband. 

Scudder’s story began in 2012 while earning her Education MA from Smith College. She was awarded a Project Coach fellowship training at-risk inner-city youth to be leaders in their communities. With a newfound passion and gift for teaching, Scudder entered the world of academia only to discover that the 9-to-5 grind left her burned out, frustrated, and unfulfilled. 

In 2015, Scudder left her teaching career behind and sojourned to Bali to plan her next move. There she took an internal deep-dive to rediscover her own passions and, just two years later, after creating a plan and executing it, Scudder established a multi-faceted business coaching enterprise run entirely from her laptop – one which she scaled to six figures in her first 12 months. Having learned how to trust in her deepest passions, identify her unique zone of genius, and leverage that genius to serve the world, Scudder now teaches other women to do the same and earn the money they deserve while bringing their unique gifts to the world in a big way. 

Featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and many more – Scudder and her team now lead a tribe of more than 25,000 ambitious women across six continents in their quest to “nail their niche,” leverage their “zone of genius,” to finally build the profitable business and radiant life of their dreams. Her wildly popular Born to Rise podcast is pure mental fuel for go-getters thirsty for the inspiration and actionable tools to help master their mindset, explode their business, and achieve everything that becomes possible “when you decide that now is your time to rise.” To learn more about Cait Scudder, visit and get inspired by following her on Instagram @CaitScudder

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