BRAND STATEMENT / autumn brands cannabis

Brand messaging is a fun challenge requiring targeted content that speaks directly to the needs of readers, earning their trust and capturing an accurate “brand voice” they can easily recognize. This statement was created for California-based, female-owned Autumn Brands’ line of vape products and shared on web/social media during a time when customers felt increasingly anxious about the health risks of vaping. 

At Autumn Brands, we curate one of the world’s most powerful earth medicines, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. That’s why we remain committed to upholding the highest possible quality standards and total transparency when it comes to the purity of our product. Our vape cartridges feature oil extract from our own estate-grown, 100% pesticide-free premium cannabis plants, together with food-grade terpenes. Our hardware is guaranteed metal-free, featuring a reliable Genuine CCELL and a ceramic white tip. Your safety is our #1 priority – always has been, always will be. So, you can rest easy knowing exactly what’s in your vape cartridge (and more importantly, what isn’t). 

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