PRESS RELEASE / Future of Compton

Following is a press release announcing an evening with celebrated Mayor Aja Brown as she joins entrepreneur-philanthropist Twila True for a conversation about history, hope and the bright future of Compton.

A Bold Legacy of Hope, A Night of Celebration

Join noted philanthropist Twila True in discovering the bright future of Compton during an evening with visionary Mayor Aja Brown

Acclaimed entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist Twila True proudly hosts an evening with Compton Mayor Aja Brown to discuss progress on her famous “Vision for Compton.” In case you missed it, Mayor Aja Brown is on a mission to strengthen and empower the Compton community. Her bold 12-point initiative includes plans to improve everything from city policies and economic growth to developing youth, culture, and the arts. It’s a plan that Mayor Brown set into motion on her first day in office back in 2013, and now, she’s eager to share the many ways that her groundbreaking vision is creating positive change in the community.

Credited with transforming Compton’s negative historical narrative into a powerful story of resilience and strength, Mayor Brown restored hope and confidence in the city’s bright future. With a strong background in public policy and urban planning, Mayor Brown worked diligently to attract several Fortune 500 companies and notables like Andre “Dr. Dre” Young to reinvest in Compton’s economy and social fabric. Her strategic efforts led to successful partnerships with President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper youth leadership initiative, and resulted in a 25-year record low homicide rate. Since the start of her tenure, Mayor Brown received both the University of Southern California Young Alumni Merit Award and the John F. Kennedy New Frontier Award, crafting an enduring legacy of inspirational courage and conviction.

Now, this legendary figure is being honored by a woman who is, herself, something of a legend. An Oglala Lakota Sioux raised in the nation’s poorest county of Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Twila True maintained a vision of one day reaching beyond her given circumstances so that she could help others do the same. Using the difficulties of her past to propel her toward success, True achieved that dream. Piece by piece, she established True Family Enterprises, along with the True Sioux Hope Foundation, and pioneered her own unique journey marked by persistence, social awareness, and generosity.

Through hard work and determination, True turned a difficult past into her greatest leverage, learning exactly what it takes to transform despair and doubt into hope and possibility. Now, True invites you to join her for an evening in celebration and support of fellow female trailblazer, Mayor Brown, who made history as the youngest mayor of Compton and is now working to transform the city into its own thriving mecca of hope and possibility.

On Saturday, June 9th from 6:00-10:00pm in beautiful Newport Beach, California, you are invited to celebrate the progress of Compton’s last five years with live music by 1500 or Nothin’ and to join in an intimate conversation with Twila True and Mayor Brown about their hopeful vision for the years to come. Location will be disclosed with the purchase of your ticket. Learn more and reserve your ticket today at

About Twila True Enterprises:

Dedicated philanthropist and thriving entrepreneur Twila True is an Oglala Lakota Sioux whose parents were born on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. She is the founder of the True Hope Sioux Foundation and CEO of Irvine-based True Family Enterprises, which she founded alongside husband Alan in 2012.  True Family Enterprises oversees a range of successful businesses, such as True Investments, Twila True Fine Jewelry, Twila True Beauty and Polished Perfect, a chain of high-end, environmentally friendly nail studios in Orange County. True started the True Hope Sioux Foundation in 2015 to raise funds to fight the many social problems Sioux tribal members face. To learn more and contribute to the True Hope Sioux Foundation, please visit For more information about Twila True and True Family Enterprises, visit

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