PRESS RELEASE / Climate Action Summit

Following is a press release created for Anderson PR announcing the 2018 Climate Action Summit hosted by Canada’s Climate Solutions Group. 

Become Part of the Climate Change Solution at the Climate Action Summit 2018

Climate Solutions Group brings together leading climate change experts and advocates to address climate-related challenges, offer viable solutions

The Climate Solutions Group announces the Climate Action Summit Speaker Series 2018, designed to provide purposeful steps toward building a better future for our rapidly changing environment. This year’s summit, entitled “Aligning Human Systems with Living Systems,” offers responses to climate-related challenges and addresses the transition to a carbon-positive reality. Focusing on the most effective, timely solutions to the growing issue of climate change, the summit aims to create an alternative to the “negative” and “numbing” headlines about climate disruption and create a viable, low-carbon economy that starts at the community level.

More than 12,000 firefighters from across the nation are working around the clock to battle blazes that threaten countless acres and homes in Northern California. With President Trump withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement and California lawmakers calling this all-too-familiar situation “the new normal,” the time has come to search for long-term solutions beyond the politics. Join thought leaders and innovators such as Kiss the Ground Co-Founder Finian Makepeace, 10Power Founder Sandra Kwak, NASA associate Chris Potter, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Co-Founder Brock Dolman, and many others in an exploration of systemic transitions and solutions that can begin to bring about change right here, right now.

The two-day Climate Action Summit hosted by the Climate Solutions Group takes place September 12th and September 14th at the Presidio Officers Club. Workshops include presentations by climate change solutions early adopters in the Bay Area, discussions on how to create and implement beneficial environmental processes, a peek at the science and financing behind carbon-related practices, and so much more. Visit for more information, view the event schedule, and to sign up for alerts about this once-in-a-lifetime event.  

The first workshop, on Wednesday, September 12, is FREE and is an evening seminar featuring Bay Area groups already involved in climate responses.  Tickets for Friday’s workshops are just $40 and can be purchased on

About The Climate Solutions Group:

The Climate Solutions Group (CSG) is a team of recognized climate change, emissions management and sustainability professionals with over two decades of experience in assisting a diverse client base (both private and public sector) with planning, financing and implementing low-carbon and sustainability related projects. With a vision to create an economy making the full transition towards low carbon intensity and sustainability, CSG works hard to build the bridge between responsible capital and a new low-carbon economy by enabling low-carbon project financing through our unique and innovative investment strategies. Learn more at

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