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Following is a brief email sequence composed for MeBox Media’s launch of the “How to Make Partner” online program on, created by renowned accountant / best-selling author / speaker / coach Heather Townsend.

This email sequence introduces Heather’s subscriber list to the “How to Make Partner” program, which completely sold out prior to launch. 


Subject Line Option 1: What You Do After Reading This Email Could Change Your Life

Subject Line Option 2: Psst… Your Golden Opportunity is Inside…

Psst… busy day ahead? Here’s this email in a nutshell:

  • My popular Poised for Partnership book and Poised for Partnership programme is being released as a powerful, 12-month course on, designed to give you every tool, tip, strategy and insider secret you need to make partner faster, smoother, and with mountains of confidence. Find out more here.
  • My emails will now arrive through, so in order to continue receiving all of the great resources I created for you, you’ll need to quickly opt in here.

Change is a beautiful thing, isn’t it __[name]___?

I think too often change gets a bad rap. Sure, it can be uncomfortable and overwhelming at times – anything new and unfamiliar can feel scary. That roller coaster of emotions is just your brain trying to keep you safe and in your comfort zone. But when you embrace the newness, the unfamiliarity, and yes, even the big, bad unknown… BOOM! That is where real growth happens. After all, nothing good ever came of staying in your comfort zone.

And with growth comes opportunity.

Opportunity to discover new things about ourselves and the world around us. Opportunity to gain deeper knowledge and the priceless wisdom of experience. Opportunity to conquer new challenges and reach new heights of achievement and success. Opportunity to grab hold of more opportunity.

And it all starts with one little word: change.

Yes, my friend, change is a powerful ally on the road to opportunity and success.

But then, I don’t need to explain all of this to you. You didn’t get where you are today without conquering your own list of challenges and embracing change. In our world – the world of accounting, that is – change is a constant companion; technology rapidly disrupting our industry, plus the usual suspects of regular changes to accounting standards, audit rules and tax legislation.

And how do we keep up with all of this change? We embrace it. We face it head-on. We dive in and swim around in it until we get our bearings. And when a tidal wave of change threatens to overturn our boat… we, ourselves, change. We alter our course, latching onto new tools and tactics to navigate us through it.

We empower ourselves with knowledge.

That is what is all about: giving you all of the knowledge necessary to accelerate professional growth, meet requisite certifications, and build a solid foundation of intellectual capital that will help you embrace change with confidence. And right now, I’m partnering with them to bring you an exclusive course designed to guide you through one of the biggest professional changes you’ll face…


It’s the ultimate change, the greatest career milestone, the achievement of a lifetime. And if it’s on your radar, you probably already know that getting there is not easy. It’s a game in which the rules aren’t made clear, and to win it, you have to live up to the expectations of the partners – and guess at what those might be.

Many have made it on their own, traveling a long road fraught with uncertainty, fear, and confusion. Many have failed in the face of obstacles they didn’t see coming, or couldn’t overcome. And worse, even more haven’t dared to try, afraid of taking such a huge, public risk, or swamped in a sea of project after project that keeps them too busy to attempt preparation.

I don’t want any of that for you. Not when you’ve got the smarts, the capability, and – given the right tools – the supreme confidence to really shine as partner. You’ve got what it takes to launch your firm (and career) to unexplored heights of glory. And you have a secret weapon that those who came before you didn’t: my How to Make Partner course.

It’s everything you need to know to make partner – a complete 12-month, go-at-your-own-pace program based on my best-selling Poised for Partnership guide that walks you through every single step of my proven system for managing the partner track with guts, grace, and gumption. Plus, I’ve added tons of extra bonuses, worksheets, videos, and assessments to help you put your learning into practice.

I’m talking about the FIRST program of its kind to:

  • Map out the partner track timeline from start to finish
  • Demystify the skills and steps required to successfully compete, make partner, and start strong in your new role
  • Deliver all of the high-level resources, tools, and insider secrets you need to create the career of your dreams, all in one place!

But that’s not all, my friend – when you enroll, you’ll also get instant access to targeted community support in the How to Make Partner Facebook group (because nobody makes it to the top alone), and your own copy of Poised for partnership, which lays out the most effective time management methods to boost your success (and ensure that work isn’t ALL you ever do).

And, because I know exactly how life and other demands can easily sidetrack you on your road to success, I’ll go ahead and sweeten the deal: if you jump in right now, you’ll also get one of only 20 spots in my exclusive monthly 90-minute Live Mastery and Progress and Momentum group coaching calls, designed to help you troubleshoot any roadblocks or major issues while maintaining laser focus on your goal.

“Before I started working with Heather I was well-respected and seen as a ‘safe pair of hands’, but struggling to build my practice.  Heather’s input and guidance was instrumental in helping me grow my profile both internally and externally, and maximize the opportunities to sell myself in my business case for partner.  As a result of working with Heather I made partner 18 months later and have almost doubled my client portfolio.”

Remember when I mentioned how change is inevitable on your climb to the top? How to Make Partner is your opportunity to embrace that change armed with the most effective tools out there. It takes all of the hard-won wisdom of experience and puts it in your hands, giving you the knowledge, foresight, and support you need to cross the finish line faster – and without tripping over the obstacles that take out so many of your peers.

I am so proud to offer you a course designed to empower you to reach your highest goals and create the life (and career) of your dreams. And there’s so much more to come! You’ll be seeing a lot more of me on as I continue developing resources geared toward empowering you to grab hold of the success you deserve.

Here’s what I need from you in order to give you front-row access to this wealth of knowledge:

  • Since my emails will now be arriving through, be sure to confirm your subscription by opting in here, so that I can keep you informed about major releases, updates, and opportunities
  • Go ahead and whitelist email from to keep it safe from the dreaded spam folder, so that you never miss out on a chance to accelerate your career

That’s it! In two simple steps, you’ll change the course of your entire career.

See? Change isn’t so bad after all.

Until next time,

Heather and the How to Make Partner team


Subject Line Option 1: Something to Remember…

Subject Line Option 2: Whew – That Was Powerful.

Remember this moment.

No, really. I know you have a lot going on – phone calls to make, emails to answer – but take a brief pause here to recognize what you just did.

With a few simple clicks of a mouse, you changed the course of your entire career.

Sure, it doesn’t feel like it right now. But whether or not you realize it, you just took the first step toward prioritizing your goals and getting first-in-line access to How to Make Partner and all of the powerful resources you need to accelerate your success.

Breathe it in.

And know that I’m here to help every step of the way. From here on out, your goals are my goals, your challenges are my challenges, and when you hit every milestone you set out to conquer, I’ll be right there cheering you on.

Stay tuned for many more opportunities and updates to come.

And here’s to your (artfully planned) success,

Heather and the How to Make Partner team


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