Lovely to meet you.

I’m Lauren Gonzalez, owner of LE Creative, and great communication is my business. For nearly a decade, I’ve had the privilege of helping creatives of all types (see portfolio below) make more good in the world by growing their reach with powerful copywriting. As much as I love the art and science of written wordplay, I began to miss my former career path of mediation… and felt torn between the two.

At their heart, both practices involve harnessing the unique power of words – either written or spoken – to achieve specific goals related to life and business. Empathy, imagination, creativity, and people skills help us answer the question: How do I say this better? In so many ways, copywriting + communication consulting are incredibly complimentary fields. So now, like the Linda Ronstadt of purposeful relationship building, I cover both genres.

You’ve come to the right place if…

You’re looking to develop your brand voice and master your brand message

You want to establish a body of original content that aligns with your mission or need press/media materials created

You’d like support troubleshooting a difficult conversation or relationship at home or work

You could benefit from “people skills” training for yourself, your family, or your team

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