It seems a bit silly, I know. In what universe is a golden fire hydrant necessary? 

Yet there, in the middle of downtown Santa Barbara, it stood. As far as fire hydrants go, it was pretty average – about 2.5 feet tall with the normal bolts, gauges, doo-hickies, and doo-dads. I probably would have passed it right by, were it not for the gleaming rays of light dancing across its golden surface. Suddenly, I was interested.

I wanted to know more about this golden hydrant…

Does it shoot champagne instead of water?

Was it built for Oprah?

Do you need five college degrees and a magical firehose to operate it?

All at once, an object that is usually so ordinary and unobtrusive infiltrated my brain space and occupied a good thirty seconds of my time. And thirty seconds is sometimes all the time you have to make an impression on your audience.

You may be the absolute best at what you do. You might be the most talented, most sincere, most shiny person in your field, with a legendary future and a Pulitzer ahead of you. But you’ll miss so many chances to show this world a thing or two if you can’t pique the interest of your potential client or customer with your personal marketing content – be it a resume, one sheet, website bio, “About” page, or press materials.

And I bet you’re made of some pretty magical stuff; more magical, even, than a golden fire hydrant. You’re legendary. You’re going places. You’ve got chutzpah. You’ve got pizzazz. You already are a golden fire hydrant; now, let me polish you up “on paper” so you can really shine.

Go ahead. It’s your time. Stand out from the monochromatic, hum-drum crowd.

Be the golden fire hydrant.

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