There are those who believe that excellent copy is built upon miles of proven experience; that successfully performing  content is about knowing the rules of the craft inside and out. There are rules to the business writing game, of course, but I believe success is about so much more than that.

If you’ve looked into my portfolio and history, you already know that I’m not the most experienced in the business, nor am I the most formally educated. My knowledge lies in the realm of human behavior – a background in communication and social science inform my writing. The rest I’ve cobbled together through research, asking the right questions, and on-the-ground learning.

With zero actual “expertise,” I earned a copywriting position at a multi-million dollar company and was charged with creating key marketing campaigns that sell top-notch business strategy to entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide. And, because that company demanded laser-focused expertise, I turned it down.

I’m not looking to develop expertise. I want nothing to do with mastering one approach or another. I’ve worked hard to build a unique business that thrives on versatility and a wide breadth of knowledge and skills. The range of projects and types of clients that I take on are purposeful, chosen for the both the challenge they represent and the opportunity to produce meaningful work in a wide world of same-old, same-old.

And it’s not that I lack ambition, or don’t want to make something of myself. I’m chasing after success and notoriety just as much as the next gal. But if (and when) I reach the top, it’s going to be my way, on my terms. Most folks will tell you that choosing a writing niche and developing a specific skill set is essential to the climb.

I am not most folks. Expertise is the enemy in my business. Settling into a niche is synonymous with settling. Mastering one main skill makes work my master. I’m out to create something new, something better. I’m establishing an impressive resume built on a solid foundation of high-quality, versatile writing delivered with boutique agency flair.

And the fact that I’m no expert is precisely what makes me exceptional at my craft. I’m able to approach each project with fresh eyes, a new perspective, and without all the background noise of “how things are usually done.” If I become an “expert” in this business, it’s time to hang up my hat.

I’m not looking to do one thing better than anyone else. I’m looking to do many different things, learn new skills, and tackle unusual challenges. I’m looking for clients who are hungry for fresh, creative copy and content that exceeds their expectations and boosts their business. Sound like you?

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