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Lauren takes clients from idea to polished written work, developing full-length books, e-books, articles and more for time-crunched CEO’s and brand owners. Her professional background includes crafting original copy for worldwide names like Braun, Christian Lacroix, and the PR minds behind the Kardashian brand, in addition to collaborative projects with senior White House officials.

Now, she collaborates with a client list of six-figure CEO’s and Hollywood screenwriters to deliver masterfully written pieces with a signature high-touch process. Clients appreciate her personalized, intuitive approach, coupled with a mastery of distilling broad concepts into clear, compelling language.

Growing steadily on 100% client referrals, these are just a handful of the projects that led to remarks like:

“You are a mind reader – your process should be mapped and marketed. In fact, I’ve coined a new term for your work: MINT.

“Lauren is amazing to work with – creative, versatile, and adaptive to the needs of her clients. We never hesitate to trust her with our biggest, most important clients.”

“Wonderful to work with! Produced excellent original content and materials with a great degree of professionalism.”

“Lauren’s original articles consistently generate interest and comments from our readers. Her writing is crisp, sharp, and makes otherwise mundane topics fun and interesting.”

“Lauren has a unique gift in her ability to transform complex material into manageable, relatable bites; this is no small feat, and she does it masterfully.”

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