brand it like you mean it.

You didn’t come this far just to haphazardly toss your wares into the street like some garage sale Sally. Just about anyone can do that. And you’re not just anyone. You’ve been around the block enough to know: products don’t survive – brands do.

Even the best products come and go with the rhythmic tides of passing trends. A brand has a heart. A soul. It’s a living, breathing companion we can laugh or cry with over a strong cold brew. It’s the familiar face of a trusted friend who’s always come through, earning our loyalty even when dozens of competing suitors try for our affection.

And an epic brand doesn’t just happen. It is born out of your entrepreneurial direction, singular perspective, and unique mission; nurtured until it becomes its very own entity, with its own weight and personality – “you” and also not “you.” In this way, a great new brand is introduced to the world much like any human, instantly recognizable and relatable to its people (a.k.a. your customers).

If the brand itself is the metaphorical human here, great copy is the lifeblood. Words bring it into existence, shape its being, and convey it to the world. Copy is also the guidepost for its future, helping us identify what is “on” or “off-brand,” giving a distinctive “voice” to your vision.

About Me

I’m Lauren Elizabeth Gonzalez, a branding and press copy expert who enjoys helping compassionate creatives make more good in the world. Like you, I believe in the power of big ideas – and the power of words that bring them to life.

Through LE Creative, I’ve had the privilege of fueling big ideas for over 100 brands and counting. I can’t wait to get to know yours and come alongside you in building something great.