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Lauren is a versatile writer who has developed all types of content for more than 80 clients in nearly every industry, including emerging tech, virtual health, film/entertainment, cannabis, finance, art, food, beauty, fashion, and more. For over six years, her full-service agency – LE Creative – has steadily grown on 100% word-of-mouth referrals, managing projects for worldwide names like Braun, Gerber, Christian Lacroix, and Senior White House officials. Synthesizing elements from a background in creative writing, business, organizational development, and conflict resolution, Lauren has earned a reputation for her service-oriented, distinctively collaborative approach to delivering excellent content.

Here’s what clients are saying:

“I’ve coined a new term for Lauren’s work: MINT.”

“Lauren is creative, versatile, and adaptive – with a great degree of professionalism”

Wonderful to work with!”

“Lauren’s writing is crisp + sharp, making even mundane topics fun + interesting

”Lauren’s work is beyond amazing

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Browse through a small batch of recent projects to get a feel for my work…

These additional past projects showcase the wide variety of content needs I can service, such as…

  • VIDEO SCRIPTS for Braun Men’s Shavers
  • SOCIAL MEDIA COPY for Braun Women’s Epilators
  • PACKAGING CONCEPT COPY for Gerber Li’l Entrees
  • GHOSTWRITING articles, blog posts, e-books, full-length books for time-crunched CEO’s / entrepreneurs
  • WEBSITE / LANDING PAGE CONTENT for IZO premium tequila, Pottery With a Purpose, ModiHealth digital wellness, and more
  • PROOFREADING / COPYEDITING articles, blog posts, full-length books for fiction/non-fiction writers and filmmakers
  • CONTENT / BLOG COACHING for entrepreneurs/industry experts in wellness, eco-conscious fashion, and more
  • PITCH DECK CONTENT for beauty start-ups, filmmakers, boutique PR agencies, and more (including loglines + synopses for film/TV)